Our Projects

At Polymer International Malaysia, we produce our own brand of epoxy coatings and toppings. From our cost-effective thin film coatings to our heavy-duty epoxy mortars, you’ll find a wide range of floor and wall systems suitable for any industrial environment.


Hotels, Institutions, Municipals, Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, Service centers, and other miscellaneous areas

Aircraft & Aerospace

Aisleway, Heat treatment areas, Accessories room, Corridors, Hanger, Plasma areas, Machine shops, Material handling areas, Production areas, Airfoil inventory areas, Store / Warehouse, Laboratories, Welding rooms, Offices, Landing gear, Rinsing tank areas, Pre-assembly areas, Plating shops, Open area, Cleaning bays, Hydraulic testing areas, Electrical shop

Printing & Packaging

Production areas, Palleting areas, AGV airlock areas, Printer areas, Loading / Unloading bays, Shower / Locker areas, Maintenance room, Warehouse, Machinery areas

Electrical & Electronics

Machine areas, Shield room, Stamping area, Chemical area, Washing bay, Plating line area, Production area, Warehouse, Passageway, Clean rooms, Assembly areas, Chemical storage area, Generator room, Loading / Unloading bays, Waste water treatment plant, Equipment testing / QC area, Corridors, Bin center, Workshop, Die casting area

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Processing areas, Clean rooms, QC laboratories, CIP areas, R&D laboratories, Production areas, Washdown areas, Sterile areas, Chemical storage areas, Shower rooms, Corridors, Passageway, Bottling areas, Packaging lines

Chemical Process & Engineering

Chemical storage areas, Warehouse, Assembly lines, Passageway, Control rooms, Production areas, Machinery areas, Processing areas, Loading / Unloading bays, Plating lines, Splash/spill areas, Plating lines, Locker/Shower areas


Warehouse, Vehicular decks, Traffic aisles, Ramps, Basements, Intermediate decks, Exposed decks, Vehicle workshops, Car wash area, Vehicle Showrooms

Food & Beverage

Bakeries, Dairies, Wineries, Dry and wet kitchens, Packing areas, Packaging lines, CIP rooms, Bottling lines, Production areas, QC rooms, R&D rooms, Clean rooms and etc.

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