Polymer International, a leading Malaysia epoxy flooring and epoxy coating specialist, is first incorporated in Singapore since 1989, and we have slowly accumulated a decent amount of clients in Singapore and Malaysia, and has too gained decades worth of experience in the polymeric protective epoxy flooring and anti-slip floor coating business.

We started humbly as an applicator for anti-slip floor and wall coatings in buildings and marine industries. We slowly expanded and got very active in corrosion and waterproofing systems for concrete and metal roofs related jobs. We have since flourished and has claimed fame as a full-fledged Single Source Solutions provider and leader in the industries of polymeric protective epoxy floor coatings.

We insist on researching, developing and manufacturing our own polymeric epoxy coating, and engineering of enduring polymeric protective epoxy floor coating systems. We hope that this could help offer clients a holistic project engagement experience.

We have established a good and strategic network in most parts of ASEAN, to ensure our promise in catering and supporting our array of products to the many transnational companies.

Our Vision

"To be the Leading Protective Coating Specialist in the region and beyond."

Our Mission

"To provide unrivalled High-Performance and Long-Lasting Protective Floor Coating Systems for all our customers."

Our Services

At Polymer International Malaysia, we produce our own brand of epoxy coatings and toppings. From our cost-effective thin film coatings to our heavy-duty epoxy mortars, you’ll find a wide range of floor and wall systems suitable for any industrial environment.

Engineering and Installing

Assistance with Specification Writing

Technical Analysis & Consultation

Floorcare Maintenance Program

FloorCare™ Maintenance Program

At Polymer International Malaysia, we ensure clients with complete support starting from the assessment, to installation and then maintenance of their floor; thus, ensuring optimal uptime and enhanced productivity at all times.

The FloorCare™ Maintenance Program was developed to provide our customers with unrivalled aftersales service and support to keep them above their competition.

The critical components of the FloorCare™ Maintenance Program includes,

  1. An educational program to imbue necessary knowledge to all facility or maintenance personnel in protecting the coating system from avoidable damage.
  2. A periodical 6 monthly floor inspection upon completion of coating installation
  3. Touch up and surface aesthetic repairs for damaged areas
  4. Recoat or resurfacing of existing floor where necessary
  5. A periodic monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly degreasing and application of water-based clear sealer finish onto the protective floor coating.

The listed components of the FloorCare™ Maintenance Program are devised to upkeep on the condition of the finished floor. Adopting these steps will increase the performance and lifespan of your floor, and minimise on potential damages which could only result in costly rectification procedures.

We take pride knowing that we offer the most impeccable after-sales support and services, with experience and dedicated staff readily available at meeting your requirements always. Contact us today for a non-obligatory chat.