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Polymer International has grown ourselves a reputation in Malaysia, as one of the leading Single-Source Solutions Provider in ASEAN. We manufacture a wide range of polymeric protective floor coatings, such as epoxy, polyutherane hybrid, UV sensitive coatings and other resinous materials. We also carry our homebred brands Polygard® and Ecogard® product systems.

Our impressive array of Polygard® and Ecogard® high-performance and long-lasting floor coating is specifically created to cater to strict and specific epoxy flooring requirements for a wide range of industries and plant setups such as anti-slip coating for garage flooring. We maintain a close relationship with our clients, to be able to develop a range of eco-friendly product coating systems under the brand Ecogard®. This brand is endorsed by the Singapore Environment Council, to certify as an environmentally friendly with low makeup in volatile organic compound and also to be labelled as the “Environmentally Preferred Coating” by Green Label Singapore.

The Polygard® and Ecogard® polymeric protective epoxy floor coating systems are specially designed and manufactured to be last long, catering to our clients optimal performance and benefits that are supported by our single-source warranty through in-house manufacturing facility, self-owned state-of-the-art equipment and full-time, highly experienced application crew.

Single Source Solutions

At Polymer International Malaysia, we stand firmly by the Single-Source Solutions model of service and operation standards we strive to provide all our clients.

Through a Single-Source Responsibility, we will be the only necessary point of contact from the commencement to the completion of the installation of your floor.

By removing third party involvement from the installation project, our customers can rest assure that we take full accountability of the project by ensuring a Single-Source Efficiency in its delivery and outcome.

Upon completion of your protective floor coating, clients are offered a Single-Source Assurance on their floor coating system installation. This will equip them with the necessary know-hows on the maintenance of their floor, as well as a 24 x 7 x 365 support from our FloorCare™ specialists.

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Single-Source Delivery (SSD)

FloorCare™ maintenance support

FloorCare™ maintenance support performed by our specialists, with 24 x 7 x 365 after sales support.

Professional and highly experienced team

Professional and highly experienced team of full time applicators to execute the project with impeccable results.

Strict housekeeping measures

Strict housekeeping measures taken in ensuring the project site is in its best conditions at all times to receive the subsequent phases of coatings.

Self owned state-of-the-art equipment

Self owned state-of-the-art equipment enlisted in floor preparations to ensure optimal performance in protective coatings installed.

Research and development

Stringent assessments made to your concrete substrate prior to job acceptance.

Single source solutions

Research & Development, and the manufacturing of proprietary and high quality polymeric coating materials.

Our Products

At Polymer International Malaysia, we produce our own brand of epoxy coatings and toppings. From our cost-effective thin film coatings to our heavy-duty epoxy mortars, you'll find a wide range of floor coating and wall systems suitable for any industrial environment.

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