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Environmentally Friendly Self-leveling Broadcast Floor Coating Systems with Low VOC

Available Finishing(s):

• Non-slip

Recommended Uses:

Suitable for applications in all industries with facilities like car parks, work platforms, ramps, traffic aisles, shower rooms, wet food and beverage manufacturing plants , chemical processing plants, plating plants, printing and packaging, electronics and computer manufacturing plants, wafer fabrication plants and, pulp and paper mills.

Varying Notable Benefits:

  1. Solventless system
  2. Chemical resistance
  3. High gloss hygienic finish
  4. Withstands light forklift traffic
  5. Non-slip finish for enhanced safety

Ecogard® SLB 1081

1mm thick, medium duty epoxy broadcast floor system with non-slip finish.

Ecogard® SLB 2081

2mm thick, medium duty epoxy floor system with broadcast finish.

Ecogard® SLB 3081

3mm thick, medium to heavy duty epoxy floor system with broadcast finish.